Autism – through the eyes of a child.

Most people in life are able to make choices for themselves that affect the way they live, the way they may think, the way they portray others, the way they feel inside, and the way they interact in society.

Most people are able to make these choices because their brains function normally.

Sometimes the decisions people make do not only affect their lives, but instead have a domino effect, having great impact on those around them. There are daily choices for people to make in order to live their every day lives.

As most people make these choices, and live their lives, some people are inflicted by the consequences of choices they did not make. These infliction can be a result of several factors including:

  • hereditary diseases
  • dysfunctional families
  • low social status
  • birth defects

Many people born into these types of infliction were consequences of the choices people made long before the child was born, and before they had power of choice.

Children of autism

They did not choose to be born autistic, but they indeed were. Autistic children are born into a situation that is commonly hard for everyone involved. Autistic children need special attention, as well as special care. They live in a world outside of their minds, where everything is near perfect, and reality is often distorted to fit their mood. There are many things that communities should know about autism and autistic children that could help autistic children grow.

Firstly, it is important for everyone to realize these children did not choose to be born with this condition. No child has the ability to control how they develop inside the womb, and cannot possibly be aware of factors that can affect their mental growth before and shortly after birth.

Secondly, communities should make known that autistic children are still children. They have feelings, and can often understand what is being said about them. Autistic children are not deaf or mute; they are just slower in development. They are capable of processing negative thoughts and comments about them.

Children of autism are the victims, not society. If society’s standards of normal are based on the things that we are familiar with then perhaps society should rethink what normal really is.

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