What is Normal Pressure?

Have you spent the last forty years of your life having a great time, burning the candle at both ends, having the occasional smoke, knocking back the odd alcoholic drink or three and tucking into a big fat juicy rump steak all marbled with beautiful tasting fat and a huge side of freshly fried potato chips…oh, and don’t forget the lashings of salt laden sauce to top it all off?

If so, then you are a prime candidate for having high blood pressure!

If you don’t know the answers to the questions below – then your life is at huge risk!

Do You Have High Blood Pressure?
What Are Your Blood Pressure Readings?
Do You Know For Sure That You Have Normal Blood Pressure?
Do you keep a personal Blood Pressure Log?
Right now is the time for you to hit the Highway to Health and find out….

What is blood pressure?

High blood pressure, which is usually medically referred to as hypertension affects around 80 million Americans – you might call it a common killer. About 30% of people affected by high blood pressure are not even aware of the condition until after it has gone past the serious stage.

High blood pressure shows doctors what else is going on in your body…years of experience and research tell the doctors that high blood pressure readings is a good signal of other problems like angina, heart attack, heart failure and stroke.

What’s wrong with having high blood pressure?

By knowing if you have normal blood pressure or not is the key to your future good health. If your blood pressure readings are high then you can take evasive action by changing your lifestyle and this will greatly reduce the chances of a more serious cardiovascular disease.

Some tips to lower blood pressure:
Discover the benefits to your body of a high blood pressure diet.

Choose foods low in salt and sodium and throw away the salt shaker – as salt travels through the body it draws fluid out of the blood vessels, which in turn increases blood pressure.
Eat generous amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
Shop for lean cuts of meat and dairy products – watch those saturated fats.
Look for foods lower in fat and calories.
Cut down your consumption of alcohol – even though red wine is said to be good for the heart it doesn’t mean you have to drink the whole bottle!
Give up smoking – period!! This has proven to be the greatest single factor in improving your health fast.
Start an exercise program – make sure you have a check up first.
High blood pressure does not have to be a death sentence!

If you are serious about having lower blood pressure then all you need to do is change your lifestyle, your diet and add a little exercise – do this and you will be well on the road to having normal blood pressure.