Can genetics cause Autism? Find out more….

Autism is a condition where children have social interaction and communication difficulties due to abnormal developments in the brain. These children may have severe problems expressing themselves to others, either verbally or non-verbally. Autism is commonly observed within the first three years of the child’s life, but cases of adult autism have been observed, as well.

Recent research studies have show that autism can be linked to genetics. Generally, it has been accepted that autism is caused by brain malfunctions and abnormalities. The theory that autism can be linked to genetics is now being evaluated and finalized as one of the possible reasons for the development of autism. Experts have outlined several points to prove the theory with they formulated based on extensive research.

Recent Research

These research studies showed that on a subject of identical twins, it is very likely that if one twin is affected by autism, the other twin will be, as well. Although the percent ratio among targeted research groups varies, they all agree that the likelihood of this particular theory is over 50 percent of the time. The odds are determined by variables including where the children are raised, and how they are individually raised in their earliest years.

autism to genetics

Another theory which attempts to link autism to genetics is called one-gene causing autism theory. In this research study, scientists try and prove there is one particular gene responsible for the development of autism. This theory is not yet proven, because researchers have not yet been able to single out this one gene said to trigger autism all by itself.

On the opposite side of the fence, there are research studies that try to prove the need for multiple genes to be present in order to develop autism, the exact opposite of the theory above. For example, if in 20 genes that can cause autism, an individual having five or more would likely develop autism. It is believed, according to this particular theory, that a cluster of genes could possibly cause disruptions in the brain, making autism evident.

There are a few other explanations being studied, linking the cause of autism to genes. There seems to be a clear pattern of autism occurrences within families that have been affected by the condition. Scientists are continuously researching possible causes of autism.

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